Would you like to earn side cash? Would you like to start your own business? An extra $50 - $200 a day sound good? 

Our independent distributors easily make an average of $50-$200 per day.  Business level distributors make considerably more.  Independent level distributors are always customers that have used Spartan Performance and know exactly how effective our product is.They know that our product delivers rock solid erections that provide hours of satisfaction and can personally vouch for the product.These capsulses sell themselves 


                                   Spartan Performance distributors have advantages over the International divisions: 


Immediacy- You are able to provide the product at a local level, in-person, and immediately. 

                                            (You can also sell through your own website). 

Profit- Distributors can buy products at steep discounts and sell the product at whatever profit margin they choose.

Rebranding- Some distributors choose to distribute Spartan Performance capsules but rebrand the product for their own business.


*Some examples of these types of companies are supplement providers and sex shops or passion party planners.


Spartan Performance (under your own brand name) can help your business grow rapidly! 


*Support can be provided for rebranding campaigns but at addtional charge.




Our distributors can expect support on all levels.  We help you with your social media and other online sales tactics.  We also provide you with offline locations and techniques that you can use to optimize your sales. Support for website available as well.There are a couple of different arrangements that we can make for you if you are interested. 

1. Sell from your website:  We give you a discounted rate so that you can make a profit.  

        -You advertise and sell Spartan Performance on your website. 

        -Send us your orders and transfer our profit share via Paypal. 

        -We will fill your order and ship the product directly to you for distribution. 

*This method requires no money on your part. Simply take orders from your site, keep your profit and send our profit share. 

*You must be approved as an online distributor prior to arrangement

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