Spartan Sweetness

11th Apr 2016

At this time Spartan Perform would like to introduce a brand new product by the name of Spartan Sweetness to our line up. After spending all of 2015 with our research and development team we have finally been able to create a product that everyone can benefit from! Because of the overwhelming response we have got from our all natural male enhancement capsules we were challenged by our customers to create a product that sweetened a males ejaculation. Not only were we able to create this we actually added our ingredients of the natural male enhancement in to same capsule. Now added with pineapple extract and bromelain powder we were able to create an amazing product that delivers amazing taste for your partner making oral sex more pleasurable.

We have found out that diet plays a major role in the smell, feel, and taste of semen. You no longer have to drink gallons of pineapple juice in order to taste better for your partner. In fact, much of the beneficial enzyme that is used to neutralize the semen smell called bromelain is cooked out of the pineapple juice that you buy in stores. One capsule of Spartan Sweetness contains as much as 25 times the amount of bromelain then a glass of your high end named pineapple juice.

Results vary with diet. Energy drinks and asparagus consumption tend to lessen the taste effect of Spartan Sweetness (but you will still have a strong erection). Recommended serving is 1 capsule per day. Allow up to 48 hours for the product to work initially. Additional capsule can also be taken 60-120 minutes prior to sexual activity. These capsules can be stacked with our normal natural male enhancement.